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Salter Cook is a fun, fast way of capturing and converting your favourite online recipes to create your personal cookbook.

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Bloggers Buzz

Bloggers are buzzing about our seamless Salter Cook range and the fun it is has already brought to their kitchens. Want to find out for yourself? See what the bloggers are saying and share the fun of Salter Cook:

Slummy Single Mummy

Slummy Single Mummy

"It’s like they were listening, and designed a range of products just for me."

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Mum In The Madhouse

Mum In The Madhouse

"Using an app like this is a great way to collate recipes that have worked well"

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Lilinha Angel's World

Lilinha Angel's World

"A great help for busy parents, together with the Bluetooth kitchen scale and thermometer."

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More Than Toast

More Than Toast

"The Salter Cook tools really do mesh my love of two awesome things – tech and cooking."

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Your personal cookbook

Choose the recipes that you want and follow step-by-step instructions from your smartphone/tablet. Whether you build a collection of veggie recipes or the perfect afternoon tea selection, Salter Cook stores all of your favourites!

Convert and capture

This brand new app uses clever technology to convert recipes from the internet into your Salter cook app. So, if you find yourself browsing the web and come across something you’d like to try out, simply add it to the app and Salter Cook will convert the image, ingredients, method, weights, times and temperatures in our easy-to-follow format.

You can also enter recipes manually or edit existing ones, so keep your traditional dishes with your new discoveries and include photos of your homemade creations for future reference.

Import recipes from websites
Import recipes into Salter Cook
Add your own favourite recipes

Add recipes from our favourite recipe websites including:


This nifty app is not restricted to cooking and baking, you can also use it to store your favourite smoothie recipes or even cocktails!


Change portion sizes to suit the number of people you’re cooking for and the app will automatically alter your ingredient measurements

Create categories to organise your recipes any way you want

Rate your recipes out of five to keep track of your best bakes!

You can also change the units before measuring out ingredients if you want to

Keep track

Cross off steps as you go through, making it simple to follow your recipes. Simply tap the instruction/ingredient to put a line through it and keep track of where you are.

Cross off ingredients as you add them

Time's up

The app also has a built-in timer (eight to be precise!) so you can time your dishes to perfection at the touch of a button.

Salter Cook includes a timer

Wherever, whenever

Need to open the app on your smartphone, but have only ever used it on your tablet? Go ahead! Simply log-in on another device to access your recipes. You can access your recipes anytime, this makes it much easier to shop for ingredients in the supermarket.

Use Salter Cook on your tablet
Use Salter Cook on your smartphone
Access your recipes while you're shopping

Share and spread the word

Share recipes with friends and exchange your favourites! We always love seeing your favourite recipes and Salter Cook creations.
Let us know what you come up with on our Facebook or Twitter.

Share with friends
Share with friends

Pair up

Get to grips with the app’s full potential with the Salter Cook Bluetooth scales and thermometer. Take advantage of the interactive measurements to speed up the cooking process!

Salter Bluetooth Thermometer
Salter Bluetooth Kitchen Scale

Do not fear - you can download and use the app without the scale and thermometer… it’s just less outstanding!

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Salter Cook is available now as a free download for iOS and Android devices:

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